Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seagulls and Mothers Can Be Vicious

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time-- I am a persistent reader of several blogs, but have had trouble just STARTING. Where do you start? Do you introduce yourself? Dig right in? Topic? It is overwhelming and just easier not to for a long time. It is like when you start reading a book and you are so anxious to get into it you want to bypass the first few chapters and start around page 180? That is how I decided to start blogging, I dove in to the middle to get comfortable writing.

It is awkward.

I am writing to no audience right now, but wouldn't want to invite any sort of audience until there is more to offer. I wouldn't invite dinner guests over and have nothing to offer but starlight mints.

From what I can tell, this blog is going to focus on:

  • Anecdotes from my life, past and current (not past life as in new-agey past life, just maybe my childhood?)
  • Product recommendations of things that I love love love
  • Recipes

So let's back track to an intro?

I am 27. 27? 28? Yes, I think 27. I am sure 27. 27 is a mulligan year for me. I was 27 last year too. Around my birthday this year, we discovered that I was not turning 28, as I thought. Confused? Imagine how I felt, I was very upset about turning 28 until my husband did the math from my driver's license and figured out I was turning 27. Yippee, do-over year. I am not sure when I got confused about my age. My mom was convinced I was turning 28. I don't question if she is the one who got my confused on my age. My only question is if she did it on purpose or accidentally. Somewhere along the way though she convinced me I was a year older. This got in my head and I never did the math, until this year. What a relief.

This is the same mother who put french fries on my back at the beach when I was little to watch the seagulls attack me.

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