Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping 1996-2010, I will never forget you

I don't miss the food. Sure the food is pretty bland and, at times gross, here, but it is easy to stick to a diet when calf brains is a hot item on a menu.

I don't miss having a car, I love my metro family. You know, the Ferrel dogs, the people who haven't ever gotten their coat dry cleaned, and the guy who physically picked me up to move me out of his way last week? hugs all around, guys!

I don't miss the sunshine. Living in Florida, tan maintenance can feel like a job. Every time I was inside on a sunny day being lazy I would think: I can be lazy outside in the lawn chair getting a tan, I shouldn't be inside. But maybe I just WANTED to be inside. I didn't need the sun's guilt trip. Bonus, I probably am buying 10 years back on my face living in the land of no UV.

Sure, I miss my friends, and the list can go on of the things I miss and that I DON'T miss. But, what I miss the most is SHOPPING.

Not the big sprees. I miss popping in Anthropologie on my lunch break to see what's on sale, hitting TJ Maxx on the way home to see if any rogue JCREW popped up again, scoping out the trade market over at EffortlessAnthropologie. and ordering up some good deals.

You see, it is a HASSLE to get mail in Russia. It is a 50/50 shot that it will even arrive. If it is something a customs agent may be interested in? Forget it. I have been told by coworkers not to even bother.

And mall shopping here? The VAT tax is obscene, and even cheap stores like H&M and GAP are ridiculously expensive here. The CHEAPEST thing you could come out of H&M here with would be about $35USD, and it will suck. They have sales twice a year, only, January and June --where things get marked down to maybe be what they would be FULL price in the states. Aside from the prices, there is just a lot you can't find here. Maybe I do not want a sweater dress with a bedazzled bugs bunny on the front? Pity.


So when a friend, who is visiting the states for a week, offered to donate me a portion of her suitcase on the return trip? I peed a little. I of course have to limit it, because I can't be greedy with her space, and my husband is wanting some things too.

So I am limiting myself. Which is easier than it may seem, because I have never been a binge shopper. I don't like big sit down shopping meals. I like to space my shopping out. I am a shopping snacker.

It feels like I have been on a diet for 5 months now and someone is offering me a really rich meal.

Hopefully, the diet has shrunk my shopping stomach. Would that be my shopping bag?


  1. Found your blog through the Expat blog community - not sure what you call it but anyway, I'm here. Hope you don't mind me following! We're getting ready to pull the plug in Iowa and head over to Spain - IF (big if) the house ever sells.

    So I'm here. I'm following. And I love your pics! Can't wait to read your next post!!

  2. Hi Pickle,

    Thank you!My first and only follower! Hooray! I am trying hard to keep up with this blog thing because there are so many strange experiences living abroad, and I don't want to forget them.

    I didn't even attempt to sell my house in Florida-- went ahead and rented it. So I feel your stress there.

    Moving to Spain for work? OR?