Friday, September 23, 2011

Silent Treatment

Isn't the silent treatment the worst? It has always been the worst form of punishment in my book, the most torturous, inhumane form. The anxiety train that docks in my head revs up its' engine and excelerates to maximum speed when the silent treatment is administered to me. That is why I am especially ashamed at myself for administering this sort of treatment to my blog. There was no cause for this other than general apathy and major boredom on my own part. I have been bored, and yeah yeah yeah, only boring people get bored, but I did not want to inflict this level of boredom and lack of inspiration on my blog, so I have been hiding out on my couch and various other uninteresting places. But I will get back at it soon hopefully. In the mean time, anyone interested can celebrate my new level of lack of famousness by watching this video of a silly interview I did on Russia Today (scroll about 6 minutes in, the below mentioned Jeff is also featured).

Also this was sort of scripted hence my above-normal level of awkwardness and over enthusiasm.


  1. Jeff is famous!!!

    And dude, I totally watch the RT. When I'm staying in hotels. It's always on as one of the free channels.

  2. That's so cool you got interviewed.


  3. It's so nice to put a voice to your blog! You look so cute, love your dress :-)

  4. @Sara- Thanks! When I was waiting for my friend Andrew to meet me to do the interview, this man (wering a fanny pack, I think you can still see him lurking in the background during my interview) came up proclaiming something in Russian to me. I told him flat out I do not speak Russian and he responds in English (I KNEW they all secretly spoke english) that he thought it was weird I had "cancer" on my dress. Confused, I forced him to explain (worried that in Russia they believe cancer to be a communicable disease)(since they do believe it can be cured with chili pepper vodka) but I guess he was refering to the lobsters.

    PS I have such blog-writers block.