Friday, April 20, 2012

Iberia Airlines: Thanks, but no thanks

What is there to be said about Iberia airlines? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so that should cut this post down substantially:

I am all for airlines keeping prices down on tickets, but unless Iberia only plans to sell tickets to double amputees in the future, this lack of legroom is unacceptable. I am 5'2 in heels, I usually enjoy showing off the amount of legroom I am afforded in an airline seat, but on Iberia, not just my 6'2 husband's knees were up by his chest.

The seats built by contortionists for contortionists were not the only form of sadomasochism, but I didn't accept the slop tray they put in front of me so I can't provide you with photographic evidence.

Bottom line, Iberia Airlines is showing the cheapest option for your flight? Don't bother.


  1. I remember being shocked how cramped the seats were, and it wasn't easy to fit in my rather big bottom! they also said that the seeds on the roll were called Poopy and not poppy - that was funny. Having said that, I would love to fly Iberia again as it would mean I was back in Spain and there is something so special about life there

  2. At least they're not still smoking in-flight. Or are they? It's been a while since I've flown them and from the looks of things, will be a while yet before I venture aboard.

  3. I flew to Iberia last year from Marseille to New York and it was HORRIBLE!! The seats were small, the food bad, and the attendants were terribly rude.
    And waiting for the return flight at JFK, everyone was lined up to board way before they needed to be, and blocking walk ways, it was like "calm down people, everyone has a seat assignment, relax!" but I guess it's standard for Iberia because some JFK workers walked by and said, "this must be the Iberia gate"
    Never ever again.

  4. Ugh thank you for this warning because lately it's been at the top of my searches and that's ridiculous if you're 5'2" - cannot imagine that on a longish flight

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