Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Goat Might Eat the Cabbage

Packing for our summer trip to France is like the riddle about getting the goat, cabbage, and tiger across the river in your canoe without losing any of them.

These items all need to make it to France with us:

An abnormally large dog to support our pity addiction,

This adorable nugget to support my love of all things adorable addiction,

An abnormally large bike case to support my Husband's cycling addiction,

 Also traveling with us will be a suitcase most likely toe-ing the line of allowable weight due to my over packing and hair appliance addiction.

To say the airport system in Moscow to inconsistent would be a gross understatement. We are traveling on a russian airline, Aeroflot, and a Polish airline, LOT. I have made flash cards and studied their baggage policies (highlighting and doing suicide drills over the special item and pet section), called numerous times, written notes in English and in Russian, and still I am worried about being turned away at the airport. This is not unrealistic anxiety on my part, it is a real concern. The printed information on their websites will mean nothing in the face of an airline employee who just feels like "no" or "give me more money" is an appropriate response of the day.


  1. Hmm, perhaps some therapy between now and then to cure some of the addictions? Except the ones that involve the pups. Those addictions are worth it.

  2. I was just in France. They have bicycles there too. You can leave your hubby's behind and then FILL THAT BOX WITH SHOES.


    I'm an evil genius. I think we'd be good friends in real life.

  3. Good luck with that!!!
    Gorgeous dogs xoxo

  4. i just found the third picture funny, hehe!

    check outmyfashionblog? follow?

  5. Hi. Thanks for offering travel tips :)

    Did you go to Phuket? If so what did you do there


  6. I ate! I ate way too much -- the food was amazing. I posted about it here:

    I also did a cooking class in Patong at Pum's cooking school that was really fun.

    Where are you staying? We stayed at JW Marriot which was a bit of a haul from the main towns, (nice it had a private beach though).

    We were lucky enough to be there during Thai New Year, which was a huge water festival and so much fun.

  7. Your doggies are so cute! I hadn't seen the big one before. Can I request a formal introduction post presenting the pups, please?

  8. Hi are you living in Moscow now?

    English Dad In

  9. I do live in Moscow, yup but am In France until the end of July

    Emily I'll do one when I get back -- good idea! I still keep meanIng to do the how o ended up in Moscow post but it is such a dull story.

  10. Just been to Saint Petersburg. Not unrealistic anxiety indeed. Good luck :-)