Tuesday, March 8, 2011

America Is The Best Half-Educated Country In The World

I am not one of those American-bashing ex-pats. In fact, I want to bash those people. Sure, America has downfalls, but it is still a wonderful and comfortable place to live. I can't stand when Americans who live abroad talk poke excessive fun at America and it's superifciality, and worse, it has become almost envogue. Every country has its merits, and its downfalls.

That was my disclaimer so I can post this and not feel like one of those people:

To be honest, without names, there are a few countries on here I can't identify. I went to private-religious school however, so I am lucky I don't still believe they are all attached.


  1. This map is HILARIOUS!!! Think I may have to steal it ;-)

  2. ah take it, I cracked up over it, my favorite is "evil-doers!!"

  3. OMG. Dude (another American term there), did you make that?? It's awesome!!!

  4. No, I think Dick Cheney made it for George W.