Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Winning, Duh" - Charlie Sheen

My pal over at Life In the Pickle Jar  awarded my little young 6 lb 7 oz baby blog an award. Look at my little munchkin.

But there is no free lunch in Russia.  Here are the parameters:
I give 7 little known facts about myself and then, tag-your-it-psssst-pass-it-on. I think the rules say something like pass it on to 10 blogs, but I am not sure I know 10 blogs, so I will pass it on to as many as I can think of.

1. My Mom is a lesbian- Despite my love of all things ruffles, my mom is quite the lesbian and bears a striking resemblance to Tony Danza. (Also, she threatened to never talk to me again and never join Facebook when I first posted this picture, but it is too much of a gem to not share it with the world.)
Who's The Boss Now?
2. I am legally blind in my right eye- this makes my depth perception next to non-existent, I am a worthless park-er. I can typically tell how tired I was the night before by the angle my car is parked in the driveway. I did not know I was legally blind in one eye until I was 15 and took an eye test for my driver's license. I was accused of faking this condition by an optometrist when I was 5. Later I asked my Great Grandfather why everything was REALLY blurry out of one eye, and not the other, and he told me to "shut up, stop complaining, everyone is like that".

3. I worked at Hooters for 5 years- Not just while I was in college either, also for the year after college when I didn't know what the hell I wanted to do with my life.

4. I still don't know what the hell I want to do with my life- I have successfully managed to fall into every job I have ever had and end up convincing myself I love it and could never leave. 

5. I tricked my friend into thinking she was lonely- enough to adopt a cat. Not sure if she really wanted a cat, but I did.  Now I live in Russia, and the cat is driving her crazy in Tampa.

 6. I ate snow- I had a particularly hungover morning, and out of the combined need to avoid movement and hydrate, I rolled towards the window, opened it, and ate a handful of snow.

Evidence of poor decision making skills

7. I dress for Happy Hour- Most Friday mornings I dress for the Happy Hour I want not the job I have, regardless of if a Happy Hour is actually planned yet. I have one of those, if you dress for it, it will come mentalities.  (see number 6)

Bloggers I would like to pass this award on to:

1. Stefanie over at Mommy Musings - She has been one of my best friends since Kindergarten and is the one who gave me the idea to even begin a blog

2. Chloe at The Chloe Conspiracy - She has one of the most fantastic fashion blogs I have ever read, and her wit is the only thing that outshines her fashion

3. Tara at Little Girl Big Closet - I have enjoyed reading her blog transition from just about fashion to more in depth discussions

4. American Russian Observations- For being one of the first blogs to link to me

5. Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie- I have enjoyed reading her anthropologie reviews for a long time, and have benefited from her trade markets and sales posts, but would love to know more about her personally.

And that wraps that up, just like my trip to Tampa will soon be wrapped up and will have me on a plane headed back to the snowy embrace of Moscow.


  1. That bit on your Tony Danza, erh, I mean your mom was hilarious! Don't worry. Moms typically disown their children for no more than 40 minutes or so - an hour tops.

    Great list!!

  2. I just came to post that the resemblance is uncanny and you beat me to it!