Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fight Apathy...Or Don't: An Idiot Abroad

Bred from a recommendation on Itunes and my love for the TV show The Office (which I am not sure I would have fully appreciated had I not spent the past 6 years in an office), I have a new TV love. Idiot Abroad is a show created by Ricky Gervais (creator of The Office, who I typically have a knee-jerk-I-don't-like-you feeling towards for unknown reasons). The show centers around Ricky's friend, Karl, who has never left the UK and feels very strongly about not doing so. Maybe 'strongly' isn't the correct word, 'apathetic' may be. Karl is being sent around to see the 7 wonders of the world. He couldn't care less and is generally annoyed by most of the mission. Some people may think the show is scripted and that there is no way anyone could be that apathetic, about let's see, The Great Wall. I don't think it is scripted though. I think you can only know it's real if you feel that level of apathy, which I generally do. I am typically pretty even keeled when it comes to great events or "wonders". I like them, and I like seeing them, but I don't feel that AWE and I don't feel altered in any way from seeing them. Interactions with people are far more life altering and enjoyable for me than a hole in the ground. Even if it is a quite large hole in the ground, like you know, the Grand Canyon?

Didn't know it was cold at the Grand Canyon, or that we would be there at 4AM, so I only had this one mismatched cardigan.

I am rocking back and forth and cursing my husband for waking me up in the middle of the night, while sitting on a rock
I think my response was, "Yeah, that's cool". This is often to the frustration of my husband who has a thirst for traveling and who could be awe-inspired by an ant-hill I do believe. So while watching this show, Idiot Abroad, my husband commented multiple times "Oh my God, this is like watching a documentary about traveling with YOU!". I am not offended. The only thing here that offends me is the title of the show. I do not like Karl being called an idiot. It is very judge-y. A more appropriate title may have been :

"A Practical Fellow Who Enjoys Other Things But Maybe Not Rough Travel: Abroad"


  1. I've found myself in those situations, where I'm in the midst of some amazing and beautiful once in a lifetime location and I'm just not in the mood so I become completely unappreciative of my surroundings. I'm an idiot.
    Checking out this show :-)

  2. Sara, this show is hilarious. I think you will enjoy it.

  3. I definitely want see this. I am travel addict, although generally I'm more of the opinion that travel experiences and people you meet abroad/on the road is what affect you, not the actual list from the guide book.

  4. I love Gervais! I need to watch this show - didn't know it existed. You look lovely by the way! :)

  5. Thanks Feather-- I haven't been a fan of his personally--but this show is spectacular.


  6. Beautiful pictures, congratulations on the blog.
    you know the Amazon in Brazil.
    here are some photos from my blog to beaches and restaurants in the forest: